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Self-explanatory Web Dashboard & Insights

Any Device, Any Where, Anytime 24/7

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Real-Time Location

Get real-time location of your teams and enhance productivity and save costs...

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Route Map

Get a glimpse of the route followed by your team members. Many times employee’s stops to perform...

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Real-time Reporting

Status of meetings, client’s availability, meeting start time, end time ...

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Attendance (Onsite/In-Office)

Onsite attendance with picture, date, time and Geo-location of sales person...

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The CloudAdvantage

Access data in real-time from any computer with Internet access No need to install, maintain...

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One Application, Multiple Benefits

One application manages all Onfield processes.
Available on iOS and Android.

  • Staff Location Tracking
  • Attendance and Time-Sheet
  • Job Scheduling / Beat Plan

Accessibility Platforms

Accessibility through Web and Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) makes it easy
for everyone in your workforce to start using our solutions right away with ease

Web Software
Designed keeping busy people in mind

Add as Many Users as You Need No problem. Manage employees in Realtime Through your mobile GPS, Employees can be tracked in realtime. Calculate's Daily conveyance Daily kilometer's traveled by the employee can be calculated in Realtime.

Mobile App

Enable your workforce to intuitively log their time, using the same User-Friendly experience they are used to on their phones.
Enable your workforce to quickly log their time, without a long multi-step input process


For Field Sales Person

  • Update lead information instantly and from anywhere, even when offline.
  • Easy-to-use customizable fields with validations prevents data entry errors.
  • All relevant information to help in lead conversion available in one place.
  • Auto generation of reports saves time as they do not require manual intervention

For Reporting Manager

  • Track attendance, Leave & Expense Management on mobile/tablet, thus saving time and money.
  • Quicker lead response and appointment management
  • Real-time info on staff availability, jobs and efficiency through single Dashboard.

For CXO’s

  • Analytics and Insights through automated data usage can lead to huge business process improvements.
  • Excite customers with mobile based automated solution that also simplifies field executives work.
  • Improved savings through better resource utilization.


Syrotech WorkForce is built to serve the employee scheduling and communication needs of businesses across a wide range of industries. We make managing sales force easy for all industries having sales team on field such as Corporate, MNC’s, Healthcare organizations, Telecom, Logistics, Technology, Events and many, many other types of businesses. We can help make employee management, communication, and collaboration easier for you and your team.


Industries Where You Can Use Onfield Features

Free Trial

Get a seven days free trial to judge whether we are suitable for your needs or not. Once, decided upgrade your account as pay-as-you-go, i.e., no long term commitment.

  • Image Upload
  • Signature Capture
  • Beat Plan
  • Time-Sheet & Attendance
  • API Access
  • 24x7 Online Support